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作詞&作曲 : NoA

I will have been born because of what.
It doesn't know the answer.
Is it only me that don't know ?
I don't advance though time advances.

Does everyone know why it to was born ?
Has is been thought about it ?
It's likely to sometime think.
When it's important to enjoy now !!

現在に存るんだろ わかってるはずさ。

流れゆく 日々の中で オモウよ

I'm walking on the road that doesn't stop.
It is a road of TIME.
It's not alive at time while bound.
Then it only has to throw everyting away.

現在 走り出そう 心逝くまで さあ。

止まらない 止められないオモイをのせて
遥か彼方へ 届けよう
何度転んだっていいよ 君は1人じゃないのだから
限りある 命 生まれ 果てるまで
アツいオモイ共に 逝こう
止まぬ雨はない また陽は昇るさ
また 歩き出そう

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